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Having a large number of Outlook PST files may cause a few critical issues sometime. You may face troubles while opening them one by one. It will surely take a lot of time for the files to be opened. As they are large in number, they may get lost or misplaced somewhere. Or sometimes, they may get accidentally deleted.

Certainly, you cannot afford such loss!

Now stop scratching your head! No need to worry about anything here. The advanced third-party utility Merge PST Files Tool can bear the pain for you. This PST Merge Tool is designed to merge Outlook PST files into a single file in just a few mouse clicks. This is an easy and safe-to-use application that requires no prior technical knowledge that even a novice computer user can use this Outlook PST Merge tool with ease. No changes or alteration is performed while merging PST files. A new single PST file is generated at user-defined location into which all the selected PST files are merged. All the original PST files are remained intact or unchanged.

Use of Demo Version is strongly recommended before purchasing the licensed version of Merge PST files Tool. Demo version of this tool works same as the licensed version does. But it has only one limitation as it only allow users to save first five email items of each Outlook PST files which are selected. This is the only limitation in demo version. So . Hurry up and Download free PST Merger to merge 5 emails of each Outlook PST Files swiftly

Qualities that makes PST Merge Tool an Exclusive utility

The advanced Outlook PST Merge Tool contains a wide range of prominent features which are discussed below :

merge PST files


This Merge PST Files Tool will help you merge your multiple Outlook PST files into a single file within a few mouse clicks. This smart Outlook PST Merge Tool successfully merges all the mailbox data including email messages of selected PST files into a new file which can be saved at user-defined location.

fast PST merge Tool


By using PST Merge Software, you can merge multiple PST in a very quick time. There is no limitation for merging PST files, i.e. you can select any number of files from your system and merge all of them in just a single mouse click.

Smart PST Merger


The Merge PST Files tool supports duplicate items removing a feature that will help users remove all the duplicate items from their PST files. This action will not be performed on the original files, in fact, the duplicate items will be removed in the new merged PST file.

multiple PST merge option


To provide you with the best result, PST Merge Tool provides numerous options to combines Outlook PST Files like Merge PST, Join PST and Merge Contacts folders. Users can choose the option as per their needs.

exclude deleted PST


If you do not want to merge deleted PST items then users can take the help of Exclude deleted item folder feature. Hence, PST Merge Software will not merge deleted items folders into the resultant merged PST file.

Search PST files


PST Merger also allows users to combine Outlook PST files by searching and locating PST files. This Auto Search option of Outlook PST Merge Tool proves to be very useful when you have no idea of the storage location of PST file.

Add PST to Outlook


The smart feature Outlook PST Merge Software allow users to add the merged PST files directly to MS Outlook profile of users. With Outlook PST Merge Tool users can easily combine PST files and get the desired output in just a few simple steps.

PST password protected


Outlook PST merge is the high-end software that comes with multiple-featured options like password protection. With this features of Merge PST Files, you can protect your new PST File by applying a new password.

Smart Merge PST Files Tool


Whatever is the size of your PST files, PST Merge Software just take moment to merge PST files. Hence you don't have to worry If the size of PST files is too big. Our PST Merge Tool will help you to merge heavy PST Files at ultra-fast speed.

Safe Outlook Merger


Being a non-destructive application, Outlook PST Merge Software safely combines all the selected PST files into a single file without causing any changes, alteration or damage to the original files.

Easy to use


This is an easy-to-use application that requires no prior technical expertise. The interactive user-interface of the Outlook PST Merger Tool helps both technical and non-technical users. Even a novice computer user can use this tool with ease.

High supportability


The Merge PST Files tool highly supports PST files (ANSI as well as Unicode) of all popular versions of MS Outlook, i.e. from 98 to 2010 & 2013. It runs smoothly under all major operating systems of Windows including latest Windows 10.

Know More About PST Merge Tool

Join PST File

Join PST File

Users can opt for "Join PST Files" option to join particular PST files by creating new folder for each selected PST files in a new PST file.

Merge PST Files

Merge PST Files

Users can select "Merge PST Files" option when they need to combine all the folders of selected PST files in a new PST file. Also, users can remove duplicate PST items from the new PST file.

Merge Contacts

Merge Contacts

With this option merge contacts ,user can merge the contacts, It will only merge the contacts from selected PST files in a new PST File.

Remove Duplicates

Remove Duplicates

Remove Duplicates option is only enable with Merge PST option. You can select this option to remove all the redundant items from selected PST file.

Exclude Deleted Items

Exclude Deleted Items

With this Option users can exclude deleted and undesired PST files. It will help you to minimize the time consumed in merging the deleted items.

Knowledge Base

Search DBX Files

» User Guide's Knowledge Base

Is it always difficult to manage a large number of things? Do you know why? What would you like to have: 100 cents or 1 dollar note?

Certainly, 1 dollar note!

If you keep 100 cents with you, it would always be a difficult task. As the coins are large in number (i.e. 100), one or few coins may be lost somewhere. Other than this, 100 coins will definitely occupy a lot of space in your wallet or money box. But if you replace those 100 coins by just a single note of 1 dollar, it becomes an easy task to manage it or keep it in a very safe manner..

The same problem may occur if you have large number of files in your computer system. And if those files are the personal storage tables of Microsoft Outlook, the situation may become worse. Just imagine a situation: you are using MS Outlook email client and you are having around 50-60 PST (personal storage table) files in your system. Do you really think you can manage them with ease? No, surely not! You may face a lot of problems. It may cause a great confusion which would start frustrating you day by day.

How would you overcome this situation?

As you have read above that 100 cents are always difficult to manage than having a single note of 1 dollar. As you can replace your 100 cents with a single note, the same thing you can do with your Outlook PST files. If you combine or merge multiple PST files into a single file, you can easily manage them.

How to combine Outlook PST files?

This could be quite challenging sometime, i.e. how to merge PST files? As PST files are really very sensitive things, you should never try to perform any manual approach to combine them. Performing any manual trick wrongly or incorrectly, may cause a lot of pain as you may lose your crucial emails and other mailbox data forever. Instead of performing a manual approach, you can try advanced Merge PST Files tool for combining multiple PST files into a single file. We are grateful that you have referred to this knowledge base and gained valuable tips for effective merge pst files.

Refer the blog to know the best way to combine PST Files
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Outlook PST Merge Tool

Check out the Screenshots to know how to merge PST Files.


screen 1
screen 2
screen 3
screen 4

Download PST Merge Tool

dbx to pst

The PST Merge Tool gives you a freedom to effortlessly merge Outlook PST Files. This is the latest version of PST Merge Tool designed to give you best performance and ease of use. PST Merge Tool can be downloaded from here to evaluate its potential.

Supported Versions

➤ Provide Support for all major Windows-based operating systems including the latest Win 10
➤ Support all major version of MS Outlook including MS Outlook 2016

Basic Requirements

➤ Pentium class processor
➤ Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
50 MB for Software installation
➤ Disk Space - Enough space to store output


The video tutorial of Merge PST tool is given below. You can watch it online for better understanding.

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frequently asked questions

Q: How many PST Files can be combined?

A: Merge PST Files Tool can merge any number of PST files in a single go and it entirely depends on your choice and needs. You can easily merge two or more Outlook PST files with great ease.

Q: Does the PST Merge software provide the option to merge only Contacts folders of multiple PST data?

A: Yes, PST Merge software provides users with the option to merge particular folders of multiple Outlook PST files that also include the Contacts folder. PST Merger can also merge other folders such as Emails, Calendars, To-Do, Journals, and Tasks, without having the need to merge all folders of the Outlook PST files.

Q:What is the main difference between Join PST and Merge PST options?

A: While, both Join PST and Merge PST involves merging of PST data into one PST file, but there is a big difference between both the option. They save time to handle bunch of PST files and minimize backup.

Joining operation of Outlook PST files generate a collective PST having all the email items irrespective of duplicity between email data. All joined PST files will lie in a separate folder inside one big PST file. All data items like email, folder, contacts, calendars, task etc. remain intact and unchanged.
Merge operation of PST Files involves some intelligent and smart process as it will generate one big Outlook PST file and all the folders of selected PST files will share same root folder and respective hierarchy like it was in its original individual PST file. After merging PST files, all same name and hierarchical levels get merged and generate a large complete folders structure of all Outlook PST file. Duplicate email items like contacts, emails and other data will not be merged.

Q: Is there an limitation in PST files size?

A: No there is no such limitation, With PST Merge Tool you can merge PST Files of any size. No matter, what is the size of PST Merge tool, it can easily merged into one consolidated PST Files.

Q: Can the PST Merger software combine corrupted PST Files?

A: No, The software cannot merge corrupted Outlook PST files. Before Merging PST files, you need to ensure that Your Outlook PST files are not damaged. To repair your PST files you can use SysInfoTools PST File Repair.

Q: Is it possible to join two PST files without MS Outlook Installation?

A: No, It is not possible to join or merge PST files without MS Outlook Installation.

Comparision of Trial & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Easily combines multiple PST files in to single PST file check mark check mark
Supports password protected PST files check mark check mark
Offers two option i.e. Merge PST and Join PST check mark check mark
Support both Unicode and ANSI PST files check mark check mark
Save merged PST files 5 Items(Each PST file) All
24*7 Tech Support check mark check mark
Price FREE $59